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The main purpose of the SDP Network is to connect individuals and families to the people who can help them. There are three general groups of people available to support individual and families in setting up the Spending Plan.  

An Independent Facilitator (IF) is a person who can help you navigate the SDP process. IFs are people in the community who are very knowledgeable of the supports and services available in the community and can help individuals find new and creative ways to support the person-centered goals and activities. IFs can advocate for the individual during the person-centered planning process, development of the Individual Program Plan (IPP) and on an ongoing basis – it’s your choice. 

Financial Management Service providers (known as an FMS) assist the individual by processing payments for supports and services. FMS may include bill-paying services and support with hiring and paying a support worker. Their role in addition to making payments is providing the individual with their spending plan amounts each month as well as providing customer service support to ensure supports and services are paid accurate and timely.  

The participant can set up a wide range of supports and services to help reach their person-centered goals. These can include services currently being used by provided by an agency, or someone who provides a service in a different way, who is not vendored with your Regional Center. There are unique supports and services available that are not accessible in the traditional system like social and recreational programs, camp, and community activities.  We are building that list in your community.