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Lara Minges, MSW

I am a non-clinical (macro) social worker specializing in disability issues. I  provide disability positive consulting (not therapy) to parents/guardians therapists and others working to help the disability community and am available for consultation virtuallly. Space is wheelchair accessible. If you or your teen needs a person to talk to about disability , I would love to help provide non-clinical support from my own experience and social work background. I have a strong interest in the self and body esteem of disabled children/teens , which is an often overlooked area in the push toward therapy, rehabilitation, and future planning. I also work with seniors as a certified CircleTalk (guided discussion group) facilitator. I work to help bridge gaps between those with and without disabilities and would love to help you.

Services Provided

  • Person Centered Plan (PCP) Development
  • Ongoing Independent Facilitation

Languages Supported

  • Spanish
  • English

Qualifications, training and certificates

Yes-see website