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Christina Rockwell

Regions Served: All Areas of California Location City: Bishop, CA Phone Number: 760-258-1106 Fax Number: 888-880-6090 Services Provided: Person Centered Planning and Spending Plan, Budget Calculation with Regional Center, Continuous Monthly Independent Facilitator Services I have been serving as an Independent Facilitator for the Self Determination Pilot Project and the current program for over 13 years and successfully transitioned the first client in California to the new Self Determination Program in September 2019. Since then, I have transitioned several clients, continued as their facilitator, and assisted many others as they navigate the process. I have participated in planning and transition meetings for Kern Regional Center Facilitators, Service Coordinators, and Program Managers, and consulted with several other Regional Center workers as we expand this opportunity to many more Regional Center clients. I can provide Transition Planning and Facilitation, Independent Facili

Regional Centers

  • Frank Lanterman
  • Central Valley
  • Far Northern
  • San Gabriel/Pomona
  • Westside
  • Inland
  • Orange County
  • Kern
  • North LA County

Services Provided

  • Individual Budget Support
  • Spending Plan Development
  • Person Centered Plan (PCP) Development
  • Ongoing Independent Facilitation

Languages Supported

  • English

Qualifications, training and certificates

M.S General Psychology with Emphasis on Physiological Psychology
Independent facilitator trained: